Qualitative Research Studies

FAAN facilitates participatory action research through an indigenous Afro-feminine approach that values research as a pathway for community building, collective healing, and empowerment. We believe that knowledge is generated within community and while individuals and institutions may contribute specific stories, the wisdom generated through our research processes belongs to the community to help advance social and economic wellbeing for all.

We center our work in data collection and analysis methods from the fields of Liberation Psychology, Indigenous Psychology, and the Black Literary Arts tradition. Specific practices include empowerment evaluation, appreciative inquiry, dialogue, and performance. We have found that these practices generate critical consciousness to re-examine current conditions and reimagine community more in alignment with the values of its members, verse those imposed from outside actors that sustain the status quo. Our processes are liberating, and create safe spaces for authentic dialogue and conversations, facilitate healing, and are process-oriented to set a strong foundation for long-term cultural change. Here is a sampling of qualitative research services:

  • Community needs assessments
  • Asset mapping
  • Program and service evaluations
  • Preparation of organizational reports based on internal data review
  • Historical analysis of place to uncover racial, gender, and other cultural traumas that may be preventing collective growth
  • Identifying deinstitutionalized pathways for community safety and mental wellbeing

We also partner with quantitative research scholars for projects where numbers matter, and complement with stories so that numbers have meaning.

Community Engagement

FAAN has develop a unique niche to mediate between nonprofit organizations and local governments and impacted communities. Through years of representing elected officials and nonprofits to work with communities on community development projects, we have developed valuable lessons in listening, leaning into conflict, and shifting to find common visions over divisiveness.

Meeting Facilitation

  • Facilitation of Crucial Conversations with leadership and across the organization
  • Dialogue Circles to mitigate specific tensions between staff persons, the leadership team, or with key external stakeholders
  • Community Visioning processes to seek ideas on how to address particular social and economic barriers
  • Community Empowerment to integrate education of civic engagement strategies among community members disconnected from mainstream systems

Other Services

FAAN has vast community development experience gained from frontline and senior level experience in the nonprofit and government fields, so we offer these additional specialty services to help those working toward a shared vision of beloved community creation support in their success.

Project Management

FAAN supports community based organizations by offering additional organizational capacity at critical junctions, including inflection points, to fully engage key internal and external stakeholders in the design, retrofit, implementation, and sustainability of projects, programs, and services.

We also provide project management services for donor-advised projects, community-building projects, and projects in need of course correction to bring back in alignment with proposed timelines and budget.

Our project management services include:

  • Conduct internal and external community outreach for buy-in and shared visioning
  • Coordinate the project team with internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide bi-weekly project reports
  • Develop and manage project workplan
  • Facilitate project design including research of best practices
  • Manage implementation team, project budget, and timeline
  • Provide final report and sustainability plan

Staff Development

Leadership Amplification

Community development practice is a balance of art and science that requires flexible space for pivots, resets, and reflection. Leadership in the community development field takes courage, support, and confidential thought-partnership to explore big, bold ideas. FAAN offers the following leadership support services:

  • Small Business Consulting
  • Nonprofit Consulting
  • Leadership network events and convenings
  • Brand development
  • Conflict mediation and post-conflict team-rebuilding strategy development
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