FAAN, Who are we?

Florence Aliese Advancement Network (FAAN) was inspired by my two grandmothers; Florence and Aliese who with limited education and economic opportunities guided my family through the dark times of American history such as Jim Crow, the Depression, WWII, and the Civil Rights Movement. Through kitchen table chats, wisdom was passed down through stories that empowered me to pursue a combination of higher education and front-line experience in the ongoing pursuit of social and economic justice for urban communities of color.

Florence Aliese is a professional exchange for leaders of color in the community development field. Development is personal. For far too many cultural groups have been denied the basic right to place and shelter due to structural and institutional racism and personal racial biases. This leads to barriers to social determinants of health and produce symptoms of homelessness, mental illness, substance use, poor health, and community violence. Our vision is to transform city spaces undergoing rapid urbanization into home-places where communities are nourished and residents can thrive through strengthening the leadership courage of Black community development practitioners or those working with Black populations.

We work in the intersection of health, education, housing, economic development, faith, purpose, relationships, and belonging- cultural determinants of well-being – to foster holistic and beloved communities.

Our mission is simple: we are a community advisement firm dedicated to creating beloved community through the facilitation of participatory action research, social capital, and formation of liberation policies.

Published by ADOrduna

I am a creative place whisperer seeking to preserve and reactivate urban public spaces into safe designs that facilitate a sense of belonging for all people. It is beyond time to manifest the vision of Beloved Communities. Places are sacred and are the wombs of humanity. They must be tended to physically and spiritually to create reciprocal eco-systems so all inhabitants thrive. I apply my practice through: scholarship as a depth-community psychologist; community healing as an Orisa priestess of Osun; curation of stories as founder of Callie Rose Literary Arts; and mentorship through the Florence Aliese Community. I am available for public speaking, community building workshop facilitation, and technical advice on community engagement and program design.

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